That Special Occasion

There are some events that deserve an extra bit of attention to create an amazing celebration.  From significant birthdays, bar mitzvahs to retirement dos and welcome home parties we all love to have a great time.

The Party Project’s mission is to help you plan and organise the parties that need to be special… for whatever reason.

Understand the ‘Why’

The first thing we need to understand is why you are celebrating and what makes this occasion so special.  We have provided organisation and entertainment for huge events through to private celebrations.  All have been given the ‘wow’ factor of our expertise and party ingredients.

From the ‘why’ we can help you fill in the details of that special occasion.  Is it chock full of guests or a small gathering of friends and family?  Do you already have an idea or two?

Is there a certain date that it has to be on?  Do you already have a venue in mind?

Don’t Worry, the Party Project is Here to Help

If you want to push the boat out a little further, that can cause a bit of pressure.  We aim to lighten that load.  We have created a form that will help you to think about these things.

Send it through to us and we can help fill in the blanks.

Don’t leave your special occasion to chance, let us help you give it the memories it deserves and everyone will have a fantastic time!

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